What you need to know
about Tarsus Scripture School Lent / Easter 2022 Programme

This page contains all the details that each registrant
needs to know about our TSS Lent /Easter Module 2022

1. Email Confirmations

IMPORTANT: After you click the red SUBMIT button: 3 different emails are triggered automatically and instantly. We suggest that go to your inbox after you click submit to confirm that you can see them please. Below is an explanation of the unique role and purpose of each email. If you do not see all 3 emails in your inbox please do check your spam folder.

Upon Registering, please check you reveived 3 emails as follows in your email inbox:

i. Receipt of Payment
An email will be sent FROM:  support@stripe.com (Stripe is our Online Bank Payemt gateway) Confirming receipt of your payment to TSS – thank you.

ii. Webinar Link
An email will be sent FROM: no-reply@zoom.com – This email contains your all important Webinar Join Link to our one of both webinars. Please note that Zoom Webinars are different to Zoom Meetings. Unlike Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars can only be joined by clicking your own personal BLUE Join Webinar BUTTON that is contained in the emails from noreply@zoom.com the same email and link will bring you directly to either or both Webinars.

iii. Tarsus Resources
An email will be sent FROM: hello@tarsusscriptureschool.ie – This email is our main email communication on behalf of your 3 Presenters in that it contains all the details that you will need to be aware of and a series of Button Jump Links and Short Cut Links to bring you to various online destinations.


2. Video Presentations & Resource Page

VIDEO PRESENTATIONS will be Online from the close of Tuesday 22nd March:

The Video Presentations will be available on our website https://www.tarsusscriptureschool.ie/lent-easter-2022   end of day Tuesday 22nd March. This page is Password Protected. If you have already registered please check your email for your password.
To access the Resource page for this Module pleaselick the below text link:
(password should  only required the first time you access this page on any one browser- unless of course you have configured your browser not to remember passwords – then it will not)

3. Online Live Webinars (associated with this module)

You have simultaneously been registered for the two associated Live Zoom Webinar’s,
The first discussion Webinar will be online at on Monday April 11 at 7.30pm.
When all 3 Presenters Kieran, Jessie & Sean will be present.
The second online prayer / Appropriation webinar is on April 19 at 7.30pm
If you have registered: Please monitor your spam folder for email reminders about the upcoming webinars.
For those who have registered, reminders will be sent out one week ahead, one day ahead and one hour ahead of the scheduled time of both webinars.
Access to join the online webinar event requires you to find the email described here or any of the subsequent reminder emails from no-reply@zoom.us.
IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR PRESENTERS: (for possible inclusion as time permits in Discussion Webinar on Monday 11th March 2022)
If you have any general questions for all 3 presenters please email them in well advance please to hello@tarsusscriptureschool.ie
You also have the option to direct your question to any one specific presenter please select from these email addresses.
Jessie Rogers:   Jessie.Rogers@spcm.ie
Sean Goan:         GoanSean@gmail.com
Kieran O’Mahony: komahony1@me.com

4. Tech Support

If you need Tech Support:  techadmin@tarsusscriptureschool.ie 
Ian Mullen – +353 87 255 4216 ian@tarsusscriptureschool.ie 


“And their eyes were opened
and they recognised him” (Luke 24:31)

Tarsus Scripture School
Lent / Easter 2022 Programme

In addition to the nine pre-recorded presentations (three from each presenter)
which will be available to watch on or after Tuesday 22nd March.
Registrants will also have opportunity to attend a
‘Panel Discussion Webinar’ on Monday 11th April at 7.30 pm .
Plus a Meditation Webinar  on Tuesday 19th April 2022.
Registrants may also send questions directly by email to hello@tarsusscriptureschool.ie

Registration is now open,
click the button below to register.
Our Nine video presentations – will be available to registrants online
from Tuesday 22 March 2022

 “Jesus the prophet in Luke-Acts”
Jessie Rogers

“The death of Jesus in Luke-Acts”
Sean Goan

“The Risen Lord in Luke/Acts”
Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA

Online Discussion Webinar:
Date: Monday 11 April at 7.30 pm

Online Meditation:
Date: Tuesday 19 April at 7.30 pm

Cost €30
(Per household for online access to all nine video presentations and two online webinars with all 3 Panelists in attendance.)