Biblical Reflections on Holy Week & Easter 2024

Being Saved: From What... For What...
"Salvation" – you've heard it mentioned in the Scriptures, at Mass, and in prayers. But what is it all really about? While there can be no one, simple "answer" to that question, the Bible does provide us with many images and ideas about what "being saved" is all about, and why it matters. In this year's Holy Week & Easter Scripture Course, our three presenters will look at how the idea of salvation is presented in the Old Testament, the Gospel of John, and in the Letter to the Hebrews.

Course Structure
The course will feature a total of nine prerecorded presentations, three from each of the three presenters, which can be enjoyed at your own pace once the course goes live. In addition to the presentations, there will also be two live Zoom webinars: a Q&A session, and a meditation session based on the texts and themes of the course.

Dates & Pricing

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Accessing the Course Resources

Shortly before the course "goes live" at 10am on March 1st 2024, everyone who has registered will receive an email via Eventbrite with all the details on how to access the course, the most important of which is the course password. You will also be able to access the course from this page once the countdown finishes.

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Presentation Topics

Kieran J. O'Mahony

Salvation in the
Letter to the Hebrews

Seán Goan

Signs of Salvation in the
Gospel of John

Jessie Rogers

Ideas of Salvation in the
Old Testament